Customized Urn & Stone Work

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Here at Collette Monuments we take pride in personally customizing cremation urns and stonework, and fully satisfying our customers’ visions. If you are looking for something different give us a call with your

Frequently asked questions about Monuments ideas! We specialize in personalizing Markers and Slants, Upright Mausoleums, Granite Signs, Vases, Etchings, Cremation Urns, and Sandblast Carvings.

Q: How long do we have to wait for the ground to settle?IMG_8316

A: A monument takes approximately 6-8 weeks to produce. If you choose something in stock, delivery time may be shorter.

Q: How long will it take to produce a monument?Benches, and Veterans Memorials.

A: Generally the ground will have settled enough in the time that it takes to produce the monument.

Q: How do we add a second name or date on the monument?

A: We have a portable sandblast truck that allows our craftsman, with over 31 years of experience, to go right to the monument at the cemetery and engrave a second or third name or date to an existing monument.


Memorial Sandys memorial Civic Monument  bench Granite memorial